March 21, 2023


  • Inside Putin’s ‘dinner of luxuries’ including venison & pavlova he shared with President Xi in bid to woo Chinese leader

    VLADIMIR Putin feasted on a luxurious meal with Chinese leader Xi Jinping after the two leaders met to discuss a potential peace deal in Ukraine.The two despots enjoyed a lavish dinner after they held one-to-one talks on Monday discussing the relationship between their countries ahead of peace talks this week.EPAThe two leaders met on Monday to discuss a potential peace deal[/caption]Following the meeting, they enjoyed a meal that included venison and pavlovaPutin who appeared twitchy during the meeting sat down for a meal with Xi, which included traditional Russian dishes.The menu started blini with quail and mushrooms- a type of Eastern European pancake made from buckwheat flour or wheat.The meal continued with a sterlet sturgeon soup, followed by a pomegranate sorbet.Next was an Arctic fish called nelma with vegetables, and venison with cherry sauce.The two leaders ended their meal with pavlova for dessert.The dishes were accompanied by wines from Russia’s southern Krasnodar region.The Russian leader’s palace is believed to be in the region- it was Putin’s secret hideaway before it was exposed by a whistleblower in 2010.Xi was the first leader to meet the Russian president since The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin over his alleged involvement in the abductions of children from Ukraine.Moscow said the charge was one of several “clearly hostile displays” and opened a criminal case against the ICC prosecutor and judges.Beijing said the warrant reflected double standards.The two men warmly greeted one another when as Xi arrived in Moscow with Putin calling him “dear friend.”Putin said: “In recent years, China has made a tremendous leap forward in its development.“It arouses genuine interest all over the world, and even we envy you a little.”The Chinese leader is expected to put forward proposals for ending the war in Ukraine.But so far Beijing hasn’t offered any concrete proposals beyond the 12-point peace plan to end the Ukraine war.Putin told his guest “we will discuss your initiative which we view with respect” and that “we are open for a negotiating process on Ukraine”.The Russian president then praised Xi’s “balanced approach” to the war.Xi in turn praised Putin and told him he was “convinced” he enjoyed the Russian people’s support ahead of next year’s presidential elections.Xi said: “I know Russia will hold a presidential election.“Under your strong leadership, Russia has made great strides in its prosperous development.“I am confident that the Russian people will continue to give you their firm support.”The Kremlin has welcomed the Chinese peace plan and said it would be discussed talks between Putin and Xi that will begin over dinner on Monday.The proposal would see an end to sanctions on Russia, Ukraine giving up territory and NATO pulling back from its eastern frontiers.But Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he will only consider peace talks after all Russian troops completely leave his country’s territory.It comes after Putin made a shock visit to the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol meeting with residents during his first visit to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February last year.

  • Paranoid Putin bans iPhones over fears they can be hacked by CIA and GCHQ spies

    THE Kremlin has banned iPhones over fears they can be hacked by CIA and GCHQ spies.Putin’s aides were given days to ditch their Apple smartphones.Putin’s aides have been given days to ditch their Apple smartphonesGettyA source told Moscow’s Kommersant newspaper: “It’s all over for the iPhone.“Either throw it away or give it to the kids.”Staff were given until April 1 to replace their US handsets with phones that use Russia’s Aurora software or the Android operating system.The pro-Kremlin source claimed the iPhones were “more susceptible to hacking and espionage by Western experts compared to other smartphones”.Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Smartphones should not be used for official businesss.”He warned every smartphone was “transparent” – suggesting it could be hacked.He added: “Any smartphone has a fairly transparent mechanism, no matter what operating system it has Android or iOS.“Naturally, they are not used for official purposes.”The deputy head of Putin’s staff, Sergei Kiriyenko, issued the iPhone ban to political officers working on next year’s Russian elections.Apple declined to comment.It follows bans in Britain, the US and Europe on government staff using TikTok on official phones, over fears the app collects too much data.

  • I’m still a pumping bodybuilder aged 50 – people can’t believe I still have freakishly bulging biceps when I flex

    A BODYBUILDER has shared how people are left stunned by his ripped looks at the age of 50 as he is showing off his bulging biceps.Jose Raymond, also known as the Boston Mass, last competed in the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia competitions in 2018.instagramJose Raymond still shows off his biceps at the age of 50[/caption]Jose shared a throwback picture of him in the Team UniverseJose RaymondinstagramThe bodybuilder was forced to retire due to an injury[/caption]He was known in the 212 division after winning at the New York Pro in 2013 and Arnold Classic in 2015.The bodybuilder who also won first place at the Dominican Republic Pro in 2018 was forced to retire due to a serious injury.Jose, who is gradually working on improving his physique for a possible comeback, still leaves his fans stunned by his muscular figure.Sharing a clip of him flexing his muscles on Instagram, he wrote: “For the fools that said my arms had no separation cuz they’re jimmied up!! This was the day before 2018 Olympia!”And the bodybuilder posted a throwback photo of himself in competition 20 years ago.He wrote in the caption: “Almost 20 years ago. I’m still here, no more baby face and no more hair but I’m still here!”Speaking about his early retirement in an interview with Generation Iron, in 2021, the 50-year-old said “nobody wants to retire not on their own terms.”He said: “So now that I’m feeling better and able to do exercises that I haven’t done in years and my body is responding I feel like I have something left.“And I just love competing. I’ve always been the guy that competed multiple times a year.“I enjoyed it so much that there’s nothing different today. I still love the whole preparation for a competition. The whole challenge of making myself freaky.”Meanwhile, an 80-year-old bodybuilder shared a throwback photo of his younger self on Instagram and admitted he still works out now.A former champion bodybuilder has spoken out about how they were struck down in their prime and almost died after a horror health battle.And a fitness fanatic who was told by doctors he wouldn’t be able to walk ended up becoming the world’s shortest bodybuilder.Jose RaymondJose said he is considering making a comeback[/caption]Jose RaymondHe is training to improve his physique[/caption]

  • My wife dumped me over the phone & immediately married someone after secretly winning lottery jackpot – now I want half

    A HEARTBROKEN husband has shared how his wife called it quits over the phone and immediately married another man after she bagged a huge lottery jackpot.Narin, 47, has now launched a legal battle against his ex-wife Chaweewan, 43, hoping to get half of her lottery wins of nearly £300,000.Amarin NewsNarin has launched a legal battle to get part of his ex- wife’s winnings[/caption]Amarin NewsHe claims his former wife broke up with him over the phone[/caption]Chaweewan insists the pair from Isan, Thailand, who had been married for 20 years, had broken up several years ago over the phone.Narin who was working in South Korea to support his family, claims his ex-wife simply broke up with him over the phone last month without giving any explanation.He returned home earlier this month only to find that Chaweewan had already married someone else after scooping £300,000 (12 million baht) on the lottery just days earlier, a local police officer said.Narin told local media: “I was shocked and did not know what to do.“I am disappointed. I did not expect that my wife of 20 years would do this to me.“I only had 60,000 baht left in my bank account because I gave money to her every month.“I want to call out for justice and the money that I deserve.”Narin says he only found out about the lottery win from his daughters.And even though he does not hold a marriage certificate as the pair never made their relationship official, his lawyer insists he is still entitled to half of the winnings as family members can confirm their long-term relationship.On the other hand, Chaweewan claims the pair had broken up several years ago over the phone and insists her neighbours are aware of it.She has now filed a complaint for defamation against Narin and claims she did not hide her lottery win from him.Another lottery winner shared how he scooped a £5.7million lottery jackpot but lost it all due to a tragic mistake.And an ex-teacher was so stunned when she scooped a £4million lotto jackpot she lost her memory.A gran who scooped £35,000 on the Postcode Lottery has revealed the unusual way she is going to spend the cash.

  • Mum left kids aged one and two to die in boiling 60C car after trying to swap one for iPhone

    A MUM was deemed as an “able parent” just 10 days before she left her children to die in a sweltering 60C car.Kerri-Ann Conley’s children Darcey-Helen, 2 and Chloe-Ann, only 18 months, were discovered dead with their skin covered in blisters and “peeling off”.9NewsOne year old Chloe-Ann was in her carseat when she died[/caption]9NewsDarcy-Helen died next to her baby sister in a hot car[/caption]The Aussie mum had a “rampant” history with drug abuse, but was deemed as a responsible parent even with worrying history.Only weeks before her death, young Darcey-Helen was allegedly seen running around with a bong in her mouth.After being taken to hospital, wee Darcy-Helen was deemed “underweight, pale and suffering from diarrhoea.”Shockingly, mum Kerri-Ann allegedly told Queensland‘s Department of Child Safety (DOCS) that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.The terrible remarks were made before Chloe-Ann had even been born.Despite the Queensland DOCS having the above evidence and proof Kerri-Ann admitted to using methamphetamine, the children were not taken out of her care.Days later, in November of 2019, Kerri-Ann left her babies in the car around 4am, where they remained until early afternoon.But temperatures inside the car had already reached a deadly 60C, with the girls skin covered in blisters and “peeling off”.The car was left in direct sunlight for hours, with no windows open.Kelli-Ann pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter for abandoning her girls in the boiling car.She also had been selling and using meth in the family home at the same time the toddlers had died.Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth said: “One can only hope these little girls slowly succumbed to the growing heat of the day much earlier that morning and faded into a deep sleep from which they never returned.“The alternative of them being awake, distressed and trapped in their seats is too much to bear thinking about it for too long.“The sun had risen by 5am and did you check if the children were crying or upset? No, you did not. You were on your phone until 5.55am.”She has been sentenced to nine years, but is eligible for parole in 2024.Another mum spoke out about her daughter’s tragic death inside a hot car after her husband forgot she was there.Kirstie Reeves-Cavaliero and her husband Brett tragically found their daughter Ray Ray dead in her car seat after she was forgotten.The phenomenon of vehicular heatstroke – where a person’s body rapidly overheats while they’re inside a vehicle – has killed 819 children in the US in 20 years.The mum has been sentenced to nine years in prison for their deathsDarcey-Helen was only two years old when she diedEPAA makeshift memorial was made outside of their home[/caption]

  • Putin mocked for ‘using body double’ on Hitler-like visit to Mariupol as Ukraine minister spots bizarre chin clue

    VLADIMIR Putin had has been mocked by a Ukrainian minister for sending an alleged body double to Mariupol – with his oddly shaped chin believed to be a key clue in spotting the difference.The tyrant popped-up unexpectedly in the devastated city, which is currently under Russian occupation, at the weekend – with his visit compared to one made by Hitler there during WW2.Vladimir Putin pictured on March 14 on a visit to SiberiaAFPAnd pictured over the weekend – with a notably different chinHe was filmed by Russian state TV driving around the stricken city and meeting with residents on his first visit to Ukraine since the war began 12 months ago.State media reported Putin, 70, made a “working trip” to the war-ravaged port city of Mariupol.But he was mocked by leading official Anton Gerashchenko who posted three images of Putin’s chin and questioned whether they belonged to the same man.Rumours about Putin’s health and reports of his paranoia have fuelled speculation he could use body doubles or camera tricks.Ukrainian military intelligence claims that Putin is using three doppelgangers who have had plastic surgery to look like him.And a former KGB spy revealed he also believes Putin has been using lookalikes to take his place at state events.But at this stage all of this remains speculation and nothing has been confirmed.Gerashchenko, who is an adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Minister, shared the pictures of Putin“What’s up with your chin, Putin?,” he wrote.He said that “looks like lately his make-up artists….had to work with quite a low-quality copy, not even a double but its copy”.“I wonder which one of them was real?”His pictures showed Putin, 70, one month ago in an address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow. Another was Putin’s reported visit to naval port Sevastopol in Crimea on March 18.And the third was from footage released the following day evidently showing the dictator in war-blitzed Mariupol.The first image showed his chin tight and precise. But the image in Sevastopol – grabbed from Ukraine in 2014 – incited a sagging chin, while the Mariupol chin appears firmer but less so than in the Moscow picture.A Russian source said: “He has these moments when he looks like a babushka [grandmother] without teeth.”Another odd video from the visit also appeared to show Putin tugging awkwardly at his face.And today Kremlin “insider” Telegram channel General SVR – that claims to have sources in the Russia state – alleged Putin never visited Mariupol.The Russian anti-Putin channel alleged: “The same applies to the visit to Mariupol. “The double was filmed  [but]did not talk much and did not stay anywhere for a long time.”East2WestAnton Gerashchenko shared this triple pic of Putin’s suspicious chin[/caption]Another image appears to show Vlad awkwardly tugging at his faceIn Mariupol, the president was seen on a nocturnal drive not wearing a seatbelt with scant visible security. “The ‘spontaneous’ rides of ‘Putin’ around Mariupol at the wheel, without blocking the streets, without a motorcade of guards, and going out ‘to the people’ in the front-line occupied city is not only unrealistic, it’s not even funny. “The President was at that time many hundreds of kilometres away, warm and completely safe.”Putin with his “pathological cowardice” was not “risking his precious life”.The channel claimed: “Actively using a double, recently, Putin is increasingly becoming a ‘fake’ president. “The whole country is already laughing over the inconsistency of the understudy with the original” in appearance, behavior and habits.Instead the real Putin was “undergoing treatment” and preparing for today’s state visit by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.It was also claimed that in Mariupol, Putin had met with looters when he was greeted by locals who had been allocated new housing. Mariupol.Sprotiv channel identified a pensioner who showed the president his new flat as Nikolay Lotkov, 70. Next to him was his son Dmitry and daughter-in-law Ekaterina, who Ukrainian sources alleged were involved in looting during the siege of Mariupol last year. Another woman who met Putin, named Irina Volosatova, is also accused of looting.She thanked Putin for taking over the city and creating “a small piece of paradise”.But a source told the resistance publication: “It was her and her family who looted both my parents’ flat, and our neighbour’s flat from a floor above.“Her entire family was busy looting and threatening my parents.”And meanwhile, elsewhere on the visit Putin was heckled by a resident – with a woman’s voice shouting: “It’s all lies, it’s all just for show”.Putin’s public appearances are always carefully stage-managed – with Vlad being caught out last year as the same “actors” have been spotted multiple times.He is rumoured to be both in poor health and fearful of his future.Kyiv continues to call for Western support to help them defeat Putin, who has so far lost more than 150,000 soldiers.Vlad foolishly believed his forces would be welcomed into Ukraine as liberators when he invaded last February.But instead the initial attack ended in a disaster which saw his forces devastated and thrown back to Russia.Putin’s future is now believed to be tied to the success or failure of his war in Ukraine – with an arrest warrant being issued for him over war crimes.

  • Ukraine news latest — Evil Putin makes bizarre claims in meeting with China’s Xi Jinping at the Kremlin as war rages on

    RUSSIA’S Vladimir Putin made a bizarre claim about the Ukraine war when he met with China’s Xi Jinping in Moscow yesterday.The Chinese president arrived on Monday morning for a round of negotiations with Putin with the Russian leader desperate for aid in his bloodthirsty invasion of Ukraine.Speaking in an “informal” meeting, the Russian dictator bizarrely referred to the brutal war as an “acute crisis” as he told his Chinese counterpart that he welcomed the plan to settle the war in Ukraine.The Russian tyrant told Xi Jinping that he had looked at China’s proposals for a resolution of the Ukraine conflict and that he viewed them with respect.Putin also claimed to be “slightly envious” of China’s rapid development in recent decades, claiming: “China has created a very effective system for developing the economy and strengthening the state. It is much more effective than in many other countries.”Read our Ukraine war blog below for the latest news…

  • Twitchy-footed Putin squirms as Xi presents Ukraine peace deal in historic axis of evil meeting between despot pals

    VLADIMIR Putin’s feet twitched as he met Chinese leader Xi Jinping who presented him with a potential peace deal to end the Ukraine war.Putin warmly greeted his fellow despot in the Kremlin but squirmed when he sat down opposite Xi as the “axis of evil” pair prepare for talks this week.Vladimir Putin’s feet twitched as he squirmed opposite Xi JinpingReutersThe two despots warmly shook hands in the Kremlin[/caption]AFPXi Jinping stepping out of his plane after arriving at Moscow airport[/caption]AFPThe Chinese leader inspecting a guard of honour on the tarmac[/caption]ReutersXi’s motorcade taking him to meet Putin[/caption]After stepping off his plane at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, Xi inspected a guard of honour on a red carpet before being whisked away for his meeting with Putin.When he got to the Kremlin, the two men warmly greeted one another and shook hands as Putin said: “Dear friend, welcome to Russia.”But when they sat down beside a fireplace with a table between them, Putin began to noticeably squirm as his feet twitched.In recent months, Putin’s feet have feet twitched and spasmed, a symptom of Parkinson’s disease.The Chinese leader is expected to put forward proposals for ending the war in Ukraine.But so far Beijing hasn’t offered any concrete proposals beyond 12-point peace plan to end the Ukraine war.Putin told his guest “we will discuss your initiative which we view with respect” and that “we are open for a negotiating process on Ukraine”.The Russian president then praised Xi’s “balanced approach” to the war.Xi in turn praised Putin and told him he was “convinced” he enjoyed the Russian people’s support ahead of next year’s presidential elections.The Chinese President – who was recently made leader for life – also thanked Putin for his support for China and said Beijing should have close relations with Moscow.The trip comes as comes just days after an arrest warrant was issued for Putin over alleged war crimes in the war-torn country.Ahead of the three day visit both leaders gushed over each other in articles written for state-controlled newspapers.“This is also a great opportunity for me to meet with my good old friend with whom we enjoy the warmest relationship,” said Putin.Xi responded, saying he looked forward to “forging ahead to open a new chapter of China-Russia friendship, cooperation and common development”.The Kremlin has welcomed the Chinese peace plan and said it would be discussed talks between Putin and Xi that will begin over dinner on Monday.The proposal would see an end to sanctions on Russia, Ukraine giving up territory and NATO pulling back from its eastern frontiers.But Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he will only consider peace talks after all Russian troops completely leave his country’s territory.The United States has strongly rejected the idea as effectively cementing the Kremlin’s battlefield gains.China looks to Russia as a source of oil and gas for its energy-hungry economy and as a partner in opposing what both see as American domination of global affairs.The two countries also have held joint military drills.Xi’s trip to Russia comes after the International Criminal Court on Friday issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest on war crimes charges.The Kremlin, which doesn’t recognise the authority of the ICC, has rejected its move as legally null and void.Putin made made a shock visit to the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol just days after a warrant was put out for his arrest.He was filmed by Russian state TV driving around the stricken city and meeting with residents during his first visit to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February last year.State media reported Putin made a “working trip” to the war-ravaged port city of Mariupol, his first visit to the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine’s Donbas region since the conflict began.Ukraine claims up to 1,000 of the estimated 14,700 children Russia has abducted since the start of the invasion are from Mariupol.zvezdaVladimir Putin has been filmed driving around the Ukrainian city of Mariupol[/caption]APThe Russian leader pictured with locals during his night-time tour of the city[/caption]

  • Brit dad dies in balcony fall on first ever holiday abroad – just hours after making excited call to family back home

    A FATHER-OF-TWO has tragically died on his first holiday abroad in Spain just hours after making an excited phone call to his family.British dad Dion Atherton was reportedly ecstatic to be going on his first holiday in Spain with his long-time partner Leanne.GoFundMeThe family of the father is trying to raise money to bring him home[/caption]He had missed the previous year’s excursion due to his passport not arriving on time.Less than a day before the tragic incident, Dion had called his father to update him and told him “how wonderfully warm it was.”Later that day, Dion fell from a balcony and passed away from his injuries.He’s been remembered by friends as an “absolutely sound and amazing bloke”.Dion’s cousin Naomi began a GoFundMe fundraiser to help bring her cousin home and help his grieving partner Leanne.She said: “The family have since discovered that, due to an oversight, there wasn’t any travel insurance in place. This means that bringing Dion home has been made extremely difficult.“Dion had settled into a wonderful life with Leanne and her two girls and loved spending as much time as he could with his two adorable children.“They had some great times on their visits and are really going to miss their Dad.”Last year, a young Brit holidaying in Ibiza died after plunging from a hotel balcony on the party island.The unnamed woman, 24, was with her boyfriend when she fell 30ft.“It all happened very quickly,” a source said. “Nothing had happened previously that might have alerted hotel staff to the fact there were any problems, noise in the room or things like that.“The woman’s partner came rushing down to reception and that’s when police and paramedics were called.”Last August, another British woman died after a mystery plunge from a four-star hotel in Mallorca.She is believed to have plunged to her death from an eighth-floor room where she was alone at the time.Last May, a 34-year-old British tourist plunged to his death from the seventh floor of a Majorcan party resort of in Magaluf.

  • Ukraine news latest — Russia suffers ‘30,000 casualties’ in Bakhmut as desperate Putin meets China’s Xi Jinping today

    VLADIMIR Putin’s brutal forces have lost up to 30,000 soldiers in their efforts to take the city of Bakhmut, the British Ministry of Defence reports.The city in eastern Ukraine has been the centre of some of the most intense and brutal fighting in recent months, as Ukrainian soldiers desperately defend their position.Now, the British MoD has revealed the Kremlin faced between 20,000 and 30,000 losses in the town, with the vast majority being Wagner mercenaries.As a result, the bloodthirsty mercenary outfit has publically questioned Putin’s “betrayal” of them in recent weeks.This comes as the desperate dictator meets with China’s Xi Jinping today, in a bid to strengthen Russia’s ties with the superpower.Read our Ukraine war blog here.

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